About Me

Anneke Borren
Senior Ceramist

If ever there was someone born to be a potter it is Anneke Borren. Since she was 12 she has passionately pursued that single course, improving, changing, experimenting and growing. Born in Holland and now residend in new Zealand, her early career saw her working as an artist potter at "De Porceleyne Fles" the Delft-Blue factory in Delft, Holland. Later she was to take up ceramics and glass studdies at the Konstindustri Skolan in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Predominently self-taught, Anneke has sought inspiration by exploring some of the world's most ancient cultures. Here she has found that detail and attention to everyday objects, utensils and rituals, elevated her pieces and others alike into ever lasting works of art while still connecting them with their usage.

Her countless study travels through the Pacific, the Americas and Europe have always been "hands-on". Anneke's need for the genuinely cultural has, for example, seen her exploring 4,5000 kilometres of the Amazon River by canoe and small river boats, living with and learning from, the villages throughout the journey.

And somehow it's all there in her work. Like so many on the path of self discovery, the further she goes the greater she strives for simplicity. The shapes delight the eye; to the touch there is warmth - a connection with the potter herself. At times her work is whimsical or witty, sensuous or sophisticated. And behind everything, you sense the guiding hands of a master craftswoman with over fifty years of perfecting - her work just keeps getting better. "Clay sings to here and for her."

Anneke Borren's Work

Anneke's work can be seen at the National Art Gallery of New Zealand (Te Papa) and in all major museums nation-wide. It is featured in New Zealand Embassy collections around the world as well as in countless private collections.

She has shown work in the US and Canada and has exhibited in the South Pacific, Australia and Europe. Anneke's work also features in mayoral collections in Vancouver, Taipei, Yixing (China), Washington DC and Wellington.